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Binaural Bedtime Meditation For Better Sleep & Relaxation, New Mindfulness Beats

Their new content focuses on promoting a calm environment before bed with a series of soothing binaural, piano, and ambient tracks. These videos are intended to play in the background while the listener engages in calming meditation and mental refocusing, which, as a whole, can help bring the brain into a calm state, ready for sleep.

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Magic Mind Meditation has released this new set of videos to supplement their catalog of other meditation and mindfulness content. Unlike many of their other videos, which are meant to be actively watched and engaged with as a guided meditation session, these new ones are meant to be passively enjoyed as an insomnia remedy.

The sleep companion videos that Magic Mind has created pair gentle, soothing sound and binaural beats with calm visuals and cinematic landscapes. One such video, titled “Hypnotic Music And Visual To Fall Asleep”, features a steady soundtrack and over 40 minutes of ocean waves.

Scientific studies have shown that music can have a profound physical effect on the body, relieving stress in some cases and helping with focus in others. Much of Magic Mind Meditation’s content utilizes these principles to stimulate the brain and induce a state of calm.

In the past, the channel has featured a variety of similar content, much of which encourages self-affirmation and manifestation. For example, their “Affirmations For A Happy Pregnancy” is intended to help pregnant women overcome the physical and emotional hardship that carrying a baby can impose on the body.

Other content on the channel includes “pure tones”, or specific frequencies of sound which are said to help with focus and healing during prolonged meditation. They have several of these “pure tone” videos, each intended to help balance a specific chakra in the body in accordance with ancient mindfulness practices.

These new bedtime meditation videos join the existing catalog to provide a rounded experience for those interested in mindfulness and manifestation. Whether it be relaxation after a long day of work, study-time focus, or curing insomnia, the channel has a video that may be able to help.

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